Alternating Direct Current

Together, we can POWER EVERYONE.

Introducing the first ever 24v long distance DC microgrid. 

ADC is a new form of energy.

ADC Energy’s patented technology “piggybacks” DC power onto AC grids to allow long distance transmission of both AC and DC on existing lines. This provides unprecedented DC applications, and highly competitive AC efficiencies.  

This third form of energy generates clean DC power and unparalleled performance solutions that never existed.

Mission Statement:

To utilize ADC technology and our talents to distribute green, clean, and safe DC power solutions throughout the world.

The Lightbulb was not invented by continuous improvement of candles

A New Hope

ADC Energy invented a NEW form of energy.  Yes, you read that right.  ADC (“Alternating Direct Current”) is a newform of energy that creates energy efficiency options that never existed.  

Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit at a table with Thomas Edison, and he explained to you that he has technology for a new form of light, the light bulb.  And, he only needs the financial resources to finalize his first prototype.  How do you react?  Are you one of the visionaries who supported Edison through his 1,000+ failed attempts at the light bulb?  Or, are you a skeptic who walked away, only to be a spectator on the streets looking up at Edison’s technology as it lights the entire world for the next millennium? At this very moment, you sit at the table with ADC Energy and you now learned, we created a new form of energy which could improve nearly every electricity based system on Earth.  You learn that ADCEnergy was a success on the FIRST prototype, is now multi patented, is installed in real world facilities, and is now expanding operations. 

There will not be 1,000+ failures to come.  Are you a visionary, like Edison or the early visionaries of Apple, Google, Facebook? Or, are you a skeptic like Ron Wayne and would sell out your founder’s shares of Apple for $800?   ADC is a new form of energy. The world used to only know AC or DC power, which always existed separately in form and function.  This separation always required conversion, adapters, or inverters, switching one to the other, because they always existed, flowed, acted separately.  With every conversion, flow through an inverter, precious energy was wasted.  Just touch your AC adapter after charging your laptop or phone.  That heat is waste, waste that you are paying for, and waste that can now be eliminated, turned into money that stays in your pocket.

ADC Energy created a new global energy foundation: AC AND DC flowing simultaneously, together.  This new form of energy creates unprecedented solutions to establish an entire new foundation of options for the world’s energy crisis.  Entire buildings can operate off of battery power.  Solar andWind power are now efficient, affordable, and actually lead to a true net zero, off grid, self-sustaining power system.


ADC Energy’s genesis was a wheelchair.  Incarnated from a body nearly destroyed by polio, two heart-attacks and cancer, the schematics for this game changing technology were transmitted in an early morning dream to our Chief Technology Officer, Hun Y. Choe. He immediately awoke, spent the next 8 hours of his life creating the first prototype of a new energy system. It worked on the first try to shatter a 135 year old paradigm of energy.  The first incarnation of the ADC system remains the foundation for our core technology today.  Our system is a “plug and play” modular system that attaches to existing wires in any facility.  Additional ADC components can be simply “plugged into” the existing system to scale up to satisfy any power needs for the system.

The entire world is switching to a DC power foundation.  Global consciousness finally admits the reality of our energy crisis with recent nuclear power plant disasters, volatile/war mongering oil markets, and environmental devastation from traditional coal powered energy.  With multiple international accords acknowledging the life critical importance of alternative, renewable energy, DC power is the most viable solution.  Primary renewable energy technologies like solar and wind generate in DC power.  Portable electronics which dominate the world via cell phones, laptops, PCs, tablets all require DC power.  Remote Third World areas require a localized, facility specific DC solution, e.g., solar power to remote villages.  Thomas Edison’s final vision was a world based on clean, safe, sustainable DC power. However, he could not solve the fundamental issue that DC power could not be transmitted long distance without deteriorating.  Edison’s vision was set aside in favor of expedience, the expedience of AC power which could be easily transmitted long distance, without long term thought as to the consequences of coal, oil, nuclear generators.  Thomas Edison’s premonition is again our reality: DC power is the solution to the world’s energy crisis.

ADC Energy Will Fix The Energy Crisis

ADC Energy created a NEW form of energy, and with it, a treasure trove of NEW solutions that never before existed.  The world’s entire energy foundation is based on separation of AC or DC transmission. ADC Energy created a new form of energy:  AC AND DC transmission on the same wires, with long distance transmission of DC power, all on the same wires.  We are a new solution that uses the old foundation to unparalleled new performance levels.  

With ADC Energy technology, DC power now flows substantial long distances, while maintaining maximum performance levels.  DC power can now be utilized in unprecedented fashion, across every renewable energy platform, at nearly all distances.   Further, with the simultaneous transmission of AC AND DC flow, renewable energy sources generating in DC power flow directly into the ADC Energy system without inverters. ADC is so efficient, our system can gather DC power from solar panels via ambient light, e.g., moonlight, cloud covered days, even if partially shaded panels.

Key Benefits

Elimination of AC conversion/inverters via simultaneous transmission of AC and DC power on the same wires
ADC Energy eliminates the current need for AC adapters, converters and inverter systems in order to utilize DC power.  This option never existed before ADC Energy technology.  By “piggybacking” DC flow onto existing AC flow, BOTH AC and DC power can be accessed on existing wires.  This means that the current foundational need for AC conversion and/or an inverter in renewable energy systems to create useable DC power is now eliminated.  Example: solar panels generate in DC power, which is channeled into an inverter to become AC current (wasted energy) that flows into a facility for use (See, “Dirty AC power” caused by inverters). That AC power must then be converted to DC power (wasted energy) in order to be used in electronics like cell phones, laptops, etc.  ADC ENERGY NEW OPTION:  Solar panels generate in DC power, which DC power is channeled directly into the ADC system (no inverter) where that clean, renewable, sustainable solar DC is stored. The same DC power is then “piggybacked” onto AC flow (on existing wires) which is then distributed throughout a facility.  The battery DC power can be accessed to power electronics without an AC adapter.  PLUS, the same wires and plugs are flowing AC power to allow larger appliances like refrigerators to utilized AC power.   AC and DC power can now flow, be accessed, be used, and be distributed throughout any facility on existing wires.    

Long distance transmission of DC power on existing wire infrastructure;
The fundamental problem with DC power is that it immediately deteriorates upon first transmission.  ADC Energy cleared that issue with its ADC Booster technology which acts as a turbo accelerator for DC power, distributing clean, constant DC power over long distances throughout any sized facility.  Long distance DC transmission lays the groundwork for unprecedented use of DC power, e.g., battery powered buildings, similar to battery powered vehicles.  This critical core of our technology is being further developed to transmit DC power over miles.

Amperage reduction via reliance on DC power instead of AC
Because the ADC system operates on DC power, it reduces the relevant AC load inside any installed facility.  Entire lighting systems are now based on DC power, which eliminates the need for AC amperage to those newly operating DC based systems. In ADC’s 17,000 sq.ft. facility, which was completely updated to ADC Energy DC Microgrid lighting, 6 breakers were reduced to a single breaker, indicating an 83% efficiency in amperage. At the same time, the intensity of the lighting is substantially increased, i.e., lower power use, higher lighting performance.

Technology Overview

With 24 patents already issued worldwide and 10 more pending, ADC Energy technology is a game changer.  There is no other technology on the market that has patented components that create a new energy in the form of AC and DC flowing on existing wires.  Further, as a “plug and play” system, additional components are simply plugged into the installed ADC core components to expand the system to accommodate any sized facility, i.e., larger facilities with higher power needs are simply addressed by sliding in a few more components to the ADC Panel. Most amazing is that because the system is modular, additional ADC modules covering other applications are also simply plugged into any installed ADC Energy core system to improve other energy needs, e.g., ADC Solar Module, ADC HVAC Module, ADC Electric Vehicle Charging Module, ADC Data Center Module, ADC Refrigeration Module, ADC DC Motor Module, etc.  See, Upcoming ADC Technology Modules.

Once the ADC core system is installed, ADC Energy components can be ever expanded
with additional ADC Modules to constantly improve and increase performance,
efficiency, and savings.   

ADC core system components:  ADC Charger, ADC batteries, ADC Boosters, ADC Efficiency Core Unit (“ECU”).  Once ADC Certified Technicians conduct and approve a site analysis, technology installation begins at the existing AC breaker panel.  ADC integrates and attaches the ADC Panel, in which the ADC Chargers, ADC batteries and ADC ECU are installed.  The ADC Panel is then wired with the lines which power the specific systems to be ADC energized.

From the AC panel, minimal AC power is channeled to the ADC Charger.  From there, the AC power flows to the ADC battery bank where it is stored as DC power. Combined with the ADC ECU, the DC power from the battery banks is then “piggybacked” onto the AC already flowing on the existing wires in a facility.  The flow after the ADC Panel, is now ADC Energy with both AC and DC flowing on the same wires.  Over longer distances, whether 10,000 sq.ft. or 500,000 sq.ft., the ADC Boosters provide a turbo effect to the DC flow, allowing distribution of clean DC power throughout any sized facility.

The entire system flows a consistent 24V throughout but can power 480V at a fixed amperage.

How It Works 

The Most Efficient Energy Grid: Sometimes less is more.


Installing new grid lines can be debilitating, even time consuming at your business, so we at ADC made sure that you don't have to. ADC Energy microgrids only use your currently existing wires. Never install a new line again with ADC Energy.

Enjoy seamless Uninterrupted Power Supply benefits with a system that constantly powers your building with batteries.

AC-DC Power conversion is inefficient, by up to 20% of your power usage. An ADC grid means no more AC-DC conversion! Bypass ballasts, converters, and inverters with an ADC system today to enjoy the full benefits of cutting edge efficiency.

Don't lose AC to gain DC! Just because you are installing ADC systems doesnt mean you have to sacrifice your current grid! Use both AC and DC powered devices at the same time on the the same plugs and wires!

Lighting Retrofit

Once an ADC system is integrated, replacement lighting systems will operate for a minimum 10 years after installation.

Gone are the days of replacing bulbs, ordering more bulbs, and climbing a shakey ladder for unwanted risk and endangerment.

Estimated payback periods including savings from labor and parts can be less than 3 years

Technology is supposed to make things more convenient, create less work, why not let our technology work for you?

Solar Module

Everyone wants solar energy, no one wants to invert it.

The missing link to solar energy is finally here.

ADC Energy can use solar energy with NO INVERTER (Patent Pending 2018).Finally, use ADC Solar on a DC to DC GRID.

An ADC energy solar module INCREASES PHOTOVOLTAIC EFFICIENCIES, with NO NEED FOR BACKFEED! Making collection from Solar Windows not only possible, but easier than ever before.

ADC Energy's solar module is so efficient that it can even CHARGE ADC BATTERIES WITH MOONLIGHT!

HVAC Module

With ADC Energy systems for Power, Lighting, and Solar installed,  ultimate goals for DC compatible HVAC are already in development.

Stay cool from the sun, powered by the sun.

Tech Specs

"The prototype worked on the first try."  -Hun Choe, Inventor of ADC Energy

The ADC Charger System enables DC to “piggyback” onto existing AC flow on existing 3-wire system, allowing
simultaneous access to AC and DC without conversion.  This is a zero AC conversion system which avoids the substantial losses from AC conversion to DC. The only AC use is to charge the ADC storage systems, from which DC originates to flow with AC.

•Patents issued in USA, Korea, Japan
•Patents Pending in China & European Union
•FCC Obtained(99058) 8/29/2014

Main Features
•Plug and play component
that attaches a DC micro-grid to existing panels and wires.
•Substantial lifespan and
efficiency of LED lights using DC power structure.
•Continuous DC and
available AC power provided by backup battery system in case of blackout.
•High energy yields and
sustainable power off grid with pending ADC Solar Modules without converting to AC and similar
application to other renewable energy sources.
•In case of emergency, the system has the ability to use any source of energy to power a structure, such as car batteries.

AC 100-277V 50/60Hz,
DC 27V
−40°F to 212°F (−40°C to 100°C)

Ability to utilize AC or DC energy from any electrical outlet with the ADC AC/DC outlets and the ADC Power System promoting more efficient and
adaptive energy design of applications.
The ADC Power Booster is an
additional system that helps DC energy flow through larger structures from the ADC System. It connects directly to the ADC System through the existing circuit wiring and is used to supply additional DC power if the voltage starts to drop or if the system needs more energy in the given area to handle the load.

•Patented in USA, Korea, Japan
•Patent Pending in China & Europe Union
•UL Pending
•FCC Obtained(99058) 8/29/2014

Main Features
•No need to make major changes to existing infrastructure and wiring.
•Ensures a stable balance of DC power across the whole structure.
•Passive module that connects directly to the ADC Power System.
•Allows the ADC Power System to deliver DC energy across long distances to accommodate for larger structures and complexes.

AC/DC 100-277V 50/60Hz
−40°F to 212°F

Ability to utilize AC or DC energy from any electrical outlet with the ADC AC/DC outlets and the ADC Power System promoting more efficient and adaptive energy design of applications.
The ADC ECU System enables the use of both AC and DC in the currently existing 3-wire system, providing efficient electrical power
consumption and also in case of blackout.

•Patented in Korea, Japan 
•Patent Pending in USA, China & Europe Union

Main Features
•No need to make major changes to existing infra-structure and wiring.
•Ensures a stable source of AC/DC power in case of power blackout.
•Adaptive module that connects directly to the ADC Power System.
•In case of emergency, the system has the ability to use any source of energy to power a structure, such as car batteries.

AC/DC 100-277V/DC 24 V
AC/DC 250V/DC 24 V
−40°F to 212°F

Ability to utilize AC or DC energy from any electrical outlet with the ADC AC/DC outlets and the ADC Power System promoting more efficient and
adaptive energy design of applications.

Development: New Modules and Global Applications

"The truest success is but the development of self." -Charles Atlas

The global acceptance of solar energy is undisputed. Market estimates range from the hundreds of billions, into the trillions for global solar energy investment, applications and installations for the next decade.

Our research and development of this next ADC module has confirmed it is ready for final manufacture design.  With sufficient funding, it is estimated 3-6 months will be required to finalize the intellectual property filings, registrations, manufacturing design and production.  The ADC Solar Module creates unprecedented energy benefits:

1. The ADC Solar Module plugged into the core system allows direct storage of DC energy generated via solar panels. Any amount of solar energy is fed directly into the ADC storage systems, without any inverters.  This means that energy created even in ambient light, e.g. overcast days, moonlight, can be channeled directly into and used by the ADC System.  There is no AC/DC conversion waste because ADC has no conversion.

2. Our targeted future application is installation of solar systems in taller office buildings and housing units which do not have land space for substantial solar panel arrays.  Because ADC Solar Module is so efficient, the system can be combined with solar panels which are thin films placed onto windows like tinting, e.g., solar panel window tints.  The smaller energy generated by the window tints work with ADC Energy’s efficiency to allow any minimal amount of solar production to be channeled directly into the ADC system, and then utilized throughout a facility as clean ADC Energy.
Additional Modules
ADC is already in development phases of additional modules that will impact the global markets for HVAC (“Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems which are critical systems for such industries as manufacturing and data centers.
The ADC EV Charging Module is targeted toward the multi-billion dollar DC powered electric vehicle market which mandates an ever growing EV Charging system.  The ADC EV Module can charge EV batteries on pure solar power, and at higher efficiencies with less time.  Because of the highly efficient transmission and use of DC power, ADC Energy will be unprecedented in this market space.

ADC Energy already has working drawings for utility scale long distance DC power transmission, i.e., miles, on the exist grid. The ADC “turbo” booster can be attached to existing grid pillars and stations to transmit clean, renewable DC power over an entire county, state, country.

All of these additional modules incorporate seamlessly into any installed ADC core system.


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